This is a truly exciting time for the Concrete Polishing industry. Thanks to the latest breakthroughs and discoveries, our industry is rapidly growing all over the world. This new wave of polished concrete advancements has brought about a variety of new tools and methods that can drastically change the way we do business. Unfortunately, as with any new advancement, there is a very wide variety of products to choose from that can be confusing, unreliable, and inconsistent. That’s not even counting the products out there that don’t deliver what they promise. Suffice to say, with every concrete polishing innovation, there is no shortage of different products, techniques, and materials. The key is choosing the best one for your business.

The Scientific Concrete Polishing System was developed to provide a clear and simple concrete polishing system that contractors can easily adopt, architects can measure, and owners can trust for their concrete slabs all across the world. Our concrete polishing system is based on accepted science and creates quality, high gloss polished concrete floors that are scientifically proven to be better and longer lasting.

Our approach is to develop systems that can be measured, quantified and reproduced with simple techniques through science. This enables contractors to confidently go out and educate their crews and clients of a repeatable system that produces consistent results.

Scientific Concrete Polishing has developed a next generation system that saves contractors time, money, and stress when polishing concrete floors. Our simple system is easy to learn, easy to apply, and can be taught to every member of your crew to increase productivity and provide clients with consistent results. Scientific Concrete Polishing bases its system on measurable and reproducible results, with each step being dependent on the results of the previous. No generic “paint by numbers” system, just a scientifically proven method that works for any contractor that implements it properly.

Scientific Concrete Polishing uses the greenest, most environmentally friendly chemicals, meaning you don’t have to endanger your crew’s health. This good for you, your crew, and homeowners, while saving you from potential OSHA fines. All in all, Scientific Concrete Polishing is a quality system that is healthy, eco-friendly, safe for your crew, and still delivers amazing polished concrete floors. Our system was developed with science, common sense, and forward thinking in mind. With Scientific Concrete Polishing, you’re getting a concrete polishing system that by far outperforms other systems.

By the Numbers

Like with most new concepts and methods, there is always pushback and skepticism, as there should be! It’s good to be a little skeptical when assessing any new idea, no matter what industry you’re in. Ra, (Roughness Average), DOI (Distinctiveness of Image), Haze, and gloss are all valuable measurements that allow us to incorporate systems and develop processes that we can repeat from slab to slab, no matter which team you have on the job. No system is perfect, but it’s a huge leap forward for concrete polishing technology. Ra is certainly not perfect, and comes with its own drawbacks, but it is certainly a step in the right direction and is much better than the usual “fingertip test”. By properly measuring your floor’s Ra, you’re beginning the polishing process with better insight than your competitors still using subjective opinions. Base your polished concrete business on measurable, quantifiable, and repeatable results and have an advantage over your competition. You no longer have to gauge floor refinement based on the thickness of your slurry, just check your Ra meter and act accordingly. Don’t leave your polished concrete floors to chance: choose a system that is measurable and scientifically proven to be of higher quality.

There are many benefits of the Scientific Concrete Polishing system, not just those listed here. Our products and techniques are informed by breakthrough science and we will continue to improve our system based on science as it becomes available. Too many concrete polishing systems are stuck in the same routine, thinking they have all the answers. Scientific Concrete Polishing takes a scientific approach to concrete polishing and strives to provide the latest and greatest products, techniques, and education as more and more advancements come to the forefront.  With Scientific Concrete Polishing, you’re getting cutting edge technology, measurable results, and a simple application system that can be taught to your entire team. Don’t leave a good floor to chance, use the scientific approach. Use Scientific Concrete Polishing.