Simple Process To Teach Your Team To Produce Consistent Results

Our System is built on repeatable scientific methods and measurements, not chasing scratches.

Reach Maximum Refinement Faster and easier while creating superior floors that outlast all the competition.

lower labor and inventory costs, raise profits, and build your reputation on long lasting, high performance floors.


Smart. Safe. Sustainable. Simple. Scientific


Cutter takes grinding and refinement to another level. Used in the early stages of the process, this simple step drastically increases your tooling effectiveness using multiple patented cutting compounds, while also strengthening the slab. This translates to you saving time,labor and material on jobs while also producing a higher quality, better performing slab, all by introducing a simple system you can easily teach every member of your team.

  • Reach maximum refinement, and reach it faster than ever.
  • Strengthen the slab while you grind.
  • A simple application to save you time and frustration.
  • Straight forward enough for any team member to master.
  • The most valuable tool in your arsenal / Best ROI in the lineup.



First generation densifiers have been a great step for our industry, and they have turned out some awesome floors. However, the next generation is here and it's time you take that step forward to stay on top of the changing market Keep your business moving forward. First generation densifiers, as you know, use reactive metals to react with free lime (calcium hydroxide) left over from the concrete process to form Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH). The obvious drawback here is we just don’t know how much or where free lime is present in concrete when our team starts spraying your margins all over the floor. Our hardener is different. We don’t use or rely on old chemistry and technology. Our hardener reacts with or without CH. Using the purest form of densifier on the market we are able to achieve results better than traditional densifiers in slabs with low lime presence and even overlays where there is often very low to no lime present, all while having the only neutral pH formula on the market making this the safest, OSHA friendly product on the market.


SCP Sealer is an integral part of the Scientific Concrete Polishing system. Using our superior sealer thoroughly protects your newly polished concrete floor. Sealing your polished concrete floor with SCP Sealer and properly maintaining it will give you a high quality polished concrete floor that is decorative and protected. Use SCP Cutter and SCP Hardener to get the high gloss floor you want, then use SCP Sealer to seal your floor and keep it looking and performing great.


Following the Scientific Polishing Maintenance guidelines will increase abrasion resistance and the durability of your polished concrete floor, drastically reducing maintenance costs over the lifetime of your floor. Use SCP Fortifier in addition to the complete Scientific Concrete Polishing system.


An advanced hydrophobic penetrating sealer that barricades concrete pores with silicone molecules. Hydropolish prevents liquids from penetrating the slab and provides superior stain resistance. Learn More


Slurry Gel is a solidifier that will absorb slurry solids into a safe material that can be disposed of immediately. Scientific concrete slurry gel meets the EPA Method 9095B Paint Filter Test and EPA regulations for proper disposal methods. Find out more under THE "EPA Compliant" page. 20 grams per gallon of treated material will create a gel like substance within minutes that is safe to dispose of in any standard waste container.
Scientific Concrete Slurry Gel encapsulates the heavy metals and keeps the slurry from emulsifying. The construction industry is faced with the increasing regulation for slurry waste water and compliant disposal is at the top of the list. Scientific concrete slurry gel can reduce the liability and the cost for slurry water disposal. USAGE: 2lbs. of SCIENTIFIC CONCRETE Slurry Gel will gel 55 gallons of slurry.


Scientific Concrete Polishing offers state of the art diamonds. The SCP Diamonds were formulated to synergize with the Scientific Concrete Polishing System. Our system uses science to ensure the right diamonds for the right phase of the process. No more guessing, or chasing scratches. Our patent pending SCP Diamonds are revolutionizing the concrete polishing industry.