Ra (Roughness Average) is the scientific measurement of the surface of concrete floors, determining smoothness to the micro-inch. When polishing a concrete floor, one may wonder why you should measure Ra in the first place. The answer is simple: because it works. Measuring Ra uses real numbers and data to determine the state of your floor and determine the next step to follow. Unlike other methods that are subjective and prone to personal error, Ra testing is a scientific process that produces measurable and reproducible results.

Using these measurable results gives you a better indication of the actual roughness of your floor, not the estimation of one particular person. By using this measurement, you’ll have an accurate understanding of your floor’s roughness and know how to proceed. This straight-forward, common sense approach uses your concrete floor’s existing roughness to determine how to proceed in making it smoother. Instead of relying on subjective methods, you can have the scientific answer to your concrete questions. Put simply, Ra measurement takes the guesswork out of concrete polishing. Ra measurement is a great option for every floor because it allows you to properly determine the next step to take each and every time. Every floor is different and no matter what the floor needs, Ra measurements allow you to treat every slab differently while still delivering the same high quality results. Measuring Ra is a scientific process that, when measured correctly, can ensure a high quality polished concrete that not just looks great, it really is great.

Scientific Concrete Polishing uses Ra measurement to properly determine a concrete surface’s roughness because it’s exactly what Scientific Concrete Polishing is about. The Scientific Concrete Polishing system meets the ST-115 Surface Refinement Standard, which determines floor roughness using micro-inches. Floors that meet the ST-115 Standard are measurably smoother and higher in quality. Conventional polishing standards use subjective measurement methods, sometimes as simple as a contractor judging with their naked eye. By measuring Ra using the ST-115 Standard, you’re ensuring a smooth polished floor that is demonstrably and scientifically smooth.

Measuring Ra uses accepted science to give customers smooth, shining polished concrete floors. Scientific Concrete Polishing measures Ra because we’ve found it to be the best way to determine a floor’s roughness and to give us a better idea on how to proceed to the next step. As with all scientific pursuits, Scientific Concrete Polishing adapts and learns more about our industry every day. As advances continue to change, so will we. Because at Scientific Concrete Polishing, we’re dedicated to using proven science to give customers the best, smoothest polished concrete.